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so i figured i needed a proper goodbye entry.. ya know its only fairr. i've had this journal for a longg time and actually kept up wiht it.. and its so much fun to see who looks at it AND HOW MANY TIMES!!  HAHA almost 200 YOU ARE A SICK FUCK. ur lucky im not writing ur name ahahaaaaaaa. like i dont care when its like my friends who look at this stupid thing all the time but the people i dont talk to nemore.. hhahaaaa i looooovveeeeeeeeee itt.. well watevs. not gonna update nemore bc ill be in college like a big girl and im not gonna wanna... so yeahh..

basically i had an absolutely sick s ummer. like okay summer 03..camp was amazing. end of story.. i dindt do anything all day..had the time of my fucking life with the people i love.. this year.. i was a counselor..all my friends we re still apprentices.. and i saw them.. but could never like really hang out with them.. and this year the weekends made the summer.. and of course i loved camp..
 im gonna miss...
picking melissa up and waiting for the light at 809 every morning.the parkway oBVs.rough draft and brainwashing her into konstantine.NOT being able to park the car.my favorite 16 5 year old boys.getting towels/ices/juice.my 2 group leaders.cookout.making matt sit with me 2nd period every thursday and w atching him talk to my kids at cookout.counselors..TUESDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!standing on the road at the end of the day.getting tips.my $100 tip haha.fighting to get out of camp first.THE WEEKENDS with melissa and daynaa:sleepovers at daynas.triple sleepover:adams(dayna got stuck under my bed).TWINFEST 2004.SIcKSiCk.twins love you thank uu <3.fiine ross's even though that was a fucked up night.chads aww first camp party and bondinggg.lances.STAFF PARTY.girrrrrrrrrrrrrl u wanna come to my hotel.agent trip and agent bubba.hahah funniest half hour in my car..
,.. and whatever  else i forgot..

so basically i leave tomorrow..sorta sad.. had the camp friends over last night.. it was sad.. canttt wait for dayna and melissa to visitt..

more goodbyes today.. i hate cryinggggggggggg .

and before i go.. one more thing in case anyone forgot..




its been real..

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