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[01 Aug 2004|05:42pm]
yeahh ur awesomeee.
lookin at my lj 150 times . woohooo.
maybe a real update laterr if i feel like talking about mahh life.
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[31 Jul 2004|04:08pm]
wow. havent updated in forever. sorta hate telling every little thing that happenes in my life so random people can read it who i never speak to..and read about waht i do.... watever may not make sense..but thats how i feel.. and im not singling anyone out..

but wateverrr .
<3 summer. <3 my camp girls(oh yeh and twins). i have lots of pictures but they're all on webshots..

so yeah. im leaving in 3 weeks from tuesday.
the end.
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[14 Jul 2004|06:50pm]

woaaaahhhhhhh. mucho to update on. its gonna be a longg one... i had a gooooood weekend. acutally a veryy fun weekend.. hmm last week..thursdayish i saw krisco for the first time in FOREVERRRRR. i missed that girl <3. lets see. friday night.. me meliss and nicole slept over daynas..yeahhh fun night.. we played taboo/balderdash obvsss . bc yes we play board games when we hang out.. umm then applebees after 10... and let me tell you never drink and take shots after buffalo wings. it leads to bad results. and yeh then went back to daynas and drank. haha i love you girls and daynas parents bc they basically drank with us.. nahhhh they just bought us alcohol. hahaa. saturday we woke up really early for some reason.. and played more games..and then we came home.. went out with the sister. she came w/ me to get my pics developed (wildwood/camp) and nails and food?? cuuuuttteeeeeee. saturday night i was dying of tiredness for some reason.. but me and meliss went to startbucks and then watched some sex and the city before i fell asleep.. sunday we went to long beachhh. it was way too hott but fun. we walked aaa lotttttttt. then i came home and waited for amandaa. and we hung out...coldstone BLASTED ROUGH DRAFT like 18 times and seriously we were both almost in tears.. sooo random night.. umm got yelled at by mommm.anddddd then woke up at 4 for buffffffffffffff. so me allie and amanda scoped out all the buff people in the airport.. rented a hottttttttt chevy malibu.. with our moms naturally.. hahaha. so we went to the dorms once we got to the campus.. and okay so there were like 400 kids at this orientation..thers like 8 orienattion dates.. and out of the 400 kids.. me and amanda were put in the room RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. how fucking weird is that. watevs. we were weirded out by it..so one of my roomates was american but from japan..it ws kinda cool but not gonna lie(yes word of the weekend) a weirdd girl..but i guess its expected..and the other one i dindt meet until we got back to the dorm. OH WHICH WAS at 9pm.yes 12 hours of orientation shit. watevs. so the whole day we were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bored.  barely made friends ;-/.. well we hung out with a few people but at least me amanda and allie had eachotherrr. and then when we went back to the room..no one would talk to us..they were so fucking unfriendly..we were miserableeeeeee. like absolutely miserable it was horrible. but we went to sleep early. i actually sleptt.. and tuesday was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better. we met people.. and then realized that half our orientation was on our flight..and once we got to the airport we found out our flight was delaayed an hour..supposed to take off at 7..didnt take off till 9.. AWESOME. soooo like 8 of us just chilleddddd in the airport FOREVER .ate, read about an 11 year old who gave birth..and "the truth about poop" haha so gross, and me and allie watched our moms flirt with our future husbands..orrrrr just our friends for the time being haha. so not gonna lie..it was kinda funnn. when we finally got on the plane me and allie did FLYING PILATES. nad ya kno wat the dindt do ANYTHING. sooo all in all it wasnt a bad 2 days..just monday night was really frusterating..and the programs were really boring.. anddd i found out my dorm and room number..not my roomateee but im in a quad..

sooo basically wat happened these 2 days : charlie brown, where is tracey, we live in a bubble, BEN FROM TRUE LIFE I WENT TO FAT CAMP!, the he/she from starbucks, stuck at the airport for 2 hours w/ our entire orinetation,bosco lookalike awesome, who knew fried tofu was good??!?!?!?!, flying pilates, talking about smoking from pink bongs with our moms, watching our moms flirt with 18 year old boys and then hear them tell us about how they met a "man" at the hotel and met the pilots to our plane and flirted with them. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no big deal at all.. and tyeah and all that other randomnessssss. basically it was gooooooooood to be home <3. blahhhhh. august 25 :-/.

so i was so happy to be back at camp <3333333. i missed everyone a lotttt. i missed my kids and my co counselors said they asked ab me. WHO KNEW. i thought i hated kids hahaha. and i thought kids hated me. lolol. soo cmap was pretty gross todayy. i played volleyball with my kids, and we sang at music anddd i had my first kid shit in his pants. and obviously i do NOT handle that stuff. hahaaaaa.

shes not weird or anything.Collapse )

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[07 Jul 2004|08:26pm]
weeell. its been a while. and i've been busy i guess w/ camp and all that fun stufff. lets see wat i did last weekend even tho it was a long time ago it was funn. friday after camp.. well friday nightish.. dayna and melissaa came over for some bbq (yes they use me for my food) haha. and we just hung outttt. watched 30 second movies from last summer, laughed and looked @ pics from crestwood last year and cried about how much fun it was..and then obviously applebees for half price appetizers at like 1030. fiine lets get 3 appetizers for 3 of us.. finish eVEYRHTING . $12. we rock. anddddd we sat in my room for a while and talked about everythinggg.i love y ou girls. fun night (: umm saturdayy chilled.. made appearances @ grad. parties with justine and then rushedd around to get ready for yes another crazy night @ blue tequila w/ amanda and nicole..and then met up w/ others. it was very very fun. i was ummmmm. not even myself?? haha what the hell did i do. <3333. hahah fun times. me amanda n nicole decided we were gonna go sober next time and see how it is and how we would act when we dont drink . and im drivin so im not tempted lol. oh yeah. and neverrrr everrrrrrrrrrrr take a shot of bacardi 151 bc you will die. so sunday was 4th of july and like everyones birthdays hah. i didnt do much during the day, and @ night i just hung out w/ meliss obviouslyy . we went down to seamans neck to visit her friend and then it was lke 1030 so fiiiine applebees. monday we were all supposed to go to six flags but nicole got sick ..and it was supposed to rain but it didnt.. so we didnt go :( and nowwwww i dont evne know if we're everrr gonna go bc mama wont let me drive which SUCKS. so after trying to figure out what to do for the day.. i just went to melissas w/ dayna and we tye-dyed. anddd that was my weekend.

tuesdays are officially my favorite day of the week :-d. umm me meliss and dayna went to nicoles right after camp...ate as usual.. sat outside..got dinner and coldstone. AND I DIDNT GET ANYTHING . wattt is wrong with me. okay fine i had no money but still i was proud ha. and then watched euro trip which im not gonna lie was reallyy funny haha.

camp is fun i guess. i love my boys. except one kid, joshua is very very annoying. but wat can ya do. i love the other 14 of them.

buffalo orientation monday-tuesday..w/ amanda and allie. should be interesting.

i should post more pics from camp..and if ie ver finish my camera i can get my wildwood pics back <3.

andddddddd. i dont know what else iwanna say.
soooo goodbye <3.
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[02 Jul 2004|05:41pm]

hhhheey. havent updated in a few dayss. camp started monday and its weird bc im finally a BIG person ahaha. all the counselors come up to me and ask me how it feels to be a real person and yesterday me melissa and my sister were walking to my car and this guy we knew last summer was like "woaaaahh ur the oldest out of all of you" haha awesome fiine i look 12. anywayy i love my boys. they are 5 and sooooooo good. its tiriing and i miss campersss and doig noething. but i try to get away and just sit in the towel shack pretending i still work there..and visit the office every so often. and then realize that i dont belong there anymore :( havent b een doing muchh. went to claires the other night..me her and krisco decided that we're goin to fire island one day this summer and just staying there aall night..sleep on the beach ? done. and i also decided that im going to wildwood with them next year hahaha. seriouslyy though. yeahh and thats about all i have to sayyy. have some pics from camp . OBV am not in any of them. i just give my camera to dan and he takes pictures haha. xoxo.

as soooon as you've got it you want something elseeeeeeeeeeee :-/

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[27 Jun 2004|05:23pm]
oooooooooh man. wildwood was so sick. i am so tired. theres obviously so much to tell but im not gonna remember it aall. so if uw ant details just askk. so umm prom was aightt. took a lot of pics except guess whattt? i dindt have a camera soooooooo whoever took pictures i want doubles. then the bus was aight. had to listen to rap shit for 4 hours. a lot of people slept. i couldnt. but tried. got there around 430am. and absolutely did not go to sleep. fiine lets drink at 6am. ummm lets see. our hotel was the nicest. went to binns moter inn a few times. it was a piece of sHIT. castaways was kinda gross too.. visited justine a bit..
the boardwalk was soo fun. went on my firstt upside down rollar coaster. fun timess. saw melissa friday night yayaaa.
and YES. so i see julie on the boardwalk.. and i dont evne know why i got so excited but i RUN towards her and FALL FLAT ON MY ASS. it was a classic fall like in slow motion. i wasnt even thattttt drunk. and got made fun of by everyone..hahaha fine it was funny. and my phone went flying like 50 feet across the boardwalk..sher saved it for me haha. so embarrassing..
friday afternoon shannon got attacked by seagulls. hhaha that was quality..
so we tried to nap at like 1ish on friday afternoon..slept for maybe 2 hours in the boys room..
i met randomers from some other hotel..but dindt stay there bc i realized i was surrouned by a bunch of drunk boys and didnt wanan get raped..
my room was veryyyyy dirty so i slept in another room with like 8 of us.. sickk. went to sleep at liek 230..woke up at like 830.
went on my first upside down rollar coaster.. so fun
bus ride home was fun i must say. 50 cent and jay z however was NOT. hahahaaa i cant argue.
so all in all i had a sickkk time. and i wanna go backkk.
today was graduation. i was a little sad..
so we're walking on the field..and before we walked thru the gate we had to take a pic and of cOURSE my cap goes FLYING off. i disrupt the entire line. no big deaaaal you can all make fun of me hahahaaha. not gonna lie it was funny.
camp tomorrowwwwwwwwwww <33.
aightttt. maybe ill put pics on soon when i get all my film developed even hto i dont have that muchhh.

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[21 Jun 2004|10:45am]
well well. i havent updated since the weekend. my weekend waas goooooooooood :-d.
hmm friday during the day i didnt do anything bc watever thats how i like itt. and friday night, i went out w/ melissa rachel nicole n dan. fun fun. we were supposed to go to some random mini golf place out east but they thought it was gonna close so we went to another one. okay i DOMINATED. it was sickk but we got really bored so then we just got coldstone obvs. and then nicole went home and me rachel n melissa went back to dans. fun nightttt .

saturday i went to fire island w/ krisco and coley. it started off being really shitty out but once we got there it was soooo nice. i dindt get re burnt yaya. me and krisco went in the GORGEOUS water. fun fun. and then walked around the town and decided that we're living there. who wants to buy me a house in fire island? haha.
oooooooooh man then staurday night. ah i had so much fun ahaaha. i went with amanda and her firneds nicole n lindsay to blue tequila..a bar/club or w/e. andddd i got in. and amanda got in for 21 haha crazy. umm yeah so we all had a little fun ;) i got a lil drunk. went a little crazyy hahaaa no big deal. we didnt leave till 4. hmm yeah and thats all i wanna write about that night.. hahahaaaaaaa. and we went back to lindsays and me and amanda just had to recap exactly what happeend for like a half hour so we could both believe that we did everything we did haha. so i wanna go back and i will..but idk how retarded i can get like that again and do everythign i did hahah. but it was a lot of funnnn. yeah and thats my night . and yes thaNK you amanda for corrupting me. hahaaaa.

sundayyyyy was NOT fun. the fam came over. extremely boring. then me and robyn rented monster last night and it was VEYR weird and i fell asleep haha.

todayyyy i need to go to the mall stattttt except i wanna go tothe beach. camp is in ONE week. graduation is in LESS than a week and wildwood is like tomororow. basically. okay. peace

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